Seriously, your toilet does what?!


Kohler Numi

Kohler Numi

One day last summer my husband came home from work and said, “Tomorrow I’m picking up Numi”, to which I responded, “Who’s Numi?”. Kohler is the manufacturer of Numi, and I must say that no expense was spared when they created this toilet. It has a sensor that will automatically open the toilet seat when walking up to it, and men, don’t feel left out because it will raise both lid and seat for you, too! One of the many favorites about the Numi is its advanced bidet technology including the integrated dryer, and believe me when I say that people LOVE the dryer function. One of my favorites are the seat and feet warmers – who wants to sit on a cold toilet seat during wintertime when there’s a built-in seat warmer for your tush! Another crowd favorite for the people who wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom is the night light, so no more having to turn the bright overhead lights on while you’re still halfway asleep. Did I mention it also has an external FM antenna and auxiliary cable so you can listen to some tunes while in the bathroom? I do have to admit, at first I thought it was so ridiculous to have a toilet that some would say is over-the-top, especially since its only a toilet, and who wants to spend more time in a bathroom than need be? But, it turns out that I really do like this toilet – doesn’t hurt to make the most of it while in the bathroom, right?! 😉

Check out the video for Numi

Numi Video by Kohler


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