Lighting Fixtures and Design

Lighting Fixtures. L-O-V-E them! Whenever the floor plan allows, I never hesitate to specify a beautiful pendant, ceiling mount or chandelier fixture. Think of those fixtures like the final accessory to your outfit, but in this case it’s a beautiful kitchen or bathroom! Ladies, you know what I’m talking about… selecting that perfect handbag, piece of jewelry, hair accessory, etc., or for the men out there… a watch, those sharp cuff links, maybe even a pocket tie. There are so many great design options out there when it comes to pairing fixtures with your new kitchen or bathroom, from French Industrial, to Vintage or Contemporary Rain Bubbles. When selecting a light fixture look at the overall design, meaning, don’t select a fixture that is going to overpower or compete with the rest of the new addition, but you don’t want a fixture that is going to be swallowed by the room depending on its size. Gone are the days of your kitchen or bathroom being just a utilitarian room – so get online, call a designer or visit a local retailer to find the perfect fixture for your new addition!

Contemporary Bathroom by Stamford General Contractors JCS Construction Group, Inc

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